Palazzo Economo, a fine example of Trieste’s cultural heritage.

Palazzo Economo was designed and built in 1891 by the architect Giovanni Scalmanini on a commission by the Greek merchant Giovani Economo.
It is currenty used by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities for its regional offices and only opens to the public on special occasions, like today’s European Days of Heritage.

The main salon, ‘Piemontese’, has gilded carved wood and paintings with mythological and biblical themes brought over from Turin. The reception room leading to it, a salon on its own, displays paintings known as the ‘Progress Cycle’, representing industry and commerce, electricity and mechanics, navigation, transport and communications, essential symbols of the rise and strength of many Triestine merchants of the time. Other spaces have been modified to welcome the Ministry offices, and have become a mix of old and new, but the kitchen with it marevllous built-in ovens has been kept intact.

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