Photography at the time of the lockdown.

I hesitated posting these photos because they were taken with my low-end smartphone. For weeks we were not allowed to go out except for essential shopping, then we were allowed to do physical activity within a 500m range from our homes. Recently this rule has been lifted, and we can even drive to locations where we want to walk. But I’ve been reluctant to start carrying my camera with me as I photograph as a hobby and I might be fine-able… I’d like to avoid that, even though constantly crouching, for macro shots of flowers, and standing up again is definitely physical activity.

‘Proper’ spring with blooming fruit trees went past and disappeared without me being able to capture it properly. Nature is turning leafy green now, and I must say, after staying home for such a long time I have enjoyed being able to go on my little hikes again, regardless of the scenery. In a way I seem more attentive to flowers this year and I am discovering Karstic flora I had never noticed before.

I only have a Wiko View3 phone, nothing fancy, and some free photo-editing apps. But I believe the eye of the photographer is more important than the equipment, so I hope you’ll enjoy these.

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