My favourite season.

This year has been very demanding and draining. Spring was ‘cancelled’ because of the pandemics, we were -rightfully- forced into a lockdown that prevented us from going out and enjoy the season. In summer we were allowed some freedom, which, in hindsight may not have been such a great idea, as we are now in another, thankfully lighter lockdown until Nov. 24th. I am very grateful that despite being advised not to go out unless neccessary, we can still go out for walks, especially if alone and in remote areas where meeting others is not likely.
Because we get very little (if any) snow in winter, autumn is my favourite season. I’ve had all sorts of worries this year that affected my creativity and motivation, and these worries are not over yet, so I have not posted in more than 2 months, but I hope to be able to capture some more autumnal views in the upcoming weeks.

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