Folklore dance festival

Last Saturday, 7th May 2016, I attended a beautiful show organized by a local Serbian cultural association, “Pontes-Mostovi” (“Bridges”), showcasing traditional dances mostly from the Balkans but not only.
I followed the dancers during the parade in the city centre, and the preparations at the theatre before the show itself. The traditional costumes were stunning and the energy on stage made the evening unforgettable.

pontes_psIMG_0945 pontes_psIMG_1038

pontes_psIMG_1137 pontes_psIMG_1166

pontes_psIMG_1148bw pontes_psIMG_1196 copia

pontes_psIMG_1178 pontes_psIMG_1160bw

pontes_psIMG_1169 pontes_psIMG_1222

pontes_psIMG_1145 pontes_psIMG_1845

pontes_psIMG_1288 pontes_psIMG_1354b

pontes_psIMG_1746 pontes_psIMG_1368

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