And the day arrived, for “Barcolana 50”!

I cannot say I’m a fan of sailing, I’ve only been on a boat twice in my life, but this year I decided to ‘get closer’ to my hometown’s possibly most important yearly event, the Barcolana regatta. Unless you get to be on a boat, any photos are likely to be quite static. Not being able to get on a boat, I chose to visit the San Giusto castle (and like me, hundreds of other people!) and succeeded in getting a decent shooting spot. Pity about the slightly foggy weather, crisp air would have made photos much nicer, but I am still happy with my first ever attempt at capturing the Barcolana. A longer lens would have been nice, just as a tripod, which I do have but did not think of bringing alone.
All in all, considering I was elbow to elbow with other spectators, revellers and photographers, I am quite pleased with the results.
This year it was its 50th edition so there was a record number of participants, close to 2700, making it the biggest regatta in the world – or so the organizers claim.

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