Before the wind blows away this beauty

Before the wind blows away these beautiful leaves, I had to visit Sežana’s lovely botanical garden. I try to visit all year round, but to me it is in autumn that the garden ‘displays its best clothes’. This year autumn was late and abit abrupt. By the time I found the time to visit, the wind has already swept through the trees a few times and I did not get to see their beautiful foliage at their peak. Never mind, there were still beautiful details to be admired.
The garden hosts different sorts of hydrangeas, typically summer flowers, but I like them in autumn the most. The ones with larger flowers show their amazing textures when dry, something that isn’t so noticeable when in full bloom.
The Japanese maple tree and the gingko biloba have the most beautiful leaves.
There used to be a huge pawlonia tree but it got struck by lightning years ago and it’s only slowly growing back.

It’s a small but beautiful garden, worth visiting any time of the year. I did not have much time so I did not visit the greenhouse this time, but I definitely will next time.

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