Crazy weather

We rarely get any snow even in winter, so when I started reading about a possible icy cold weather spell after Easter, with likely snowfall, I was extremely sceptical. After all, about a week earlier it was warm enough to be outdoors without a jacket… But the weather forecast was spot on, and I got my snow fix, even though it happened in April. I know it’s wrong, it’s a sign of climate change and shouldn’t be happening, but I’m a huge snow lover and I just tried to enjoy it as much as possible. My first trip out was poorly timed, I was impatient but the wind was too strong and I didn’t have gloves, my camera got wet and I got back. After lunch the wind almost ceased so I ventured out again, with gloves, and something to wipe my camera with, and took a long walk in the nearby forests. I wish we got snow every winter! Snow is magical, it evens out the landscape and makes the world seem silent.
I hope the fruit trees won’t suffer because of it, less then 24 hours later it was all gone so hopefully we’ll still get apricots and cherries and everything else. Fingers crossed.

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